Mindfulness is changing lives everywhere, for the better!

As pressures and anxieties continue to grow for young people, the ability to improve awareness, clarity and thinking in the present moment, can make all the difference to how young people chose to think, act and live their lives. The evidence proves that happiness is much closer than often appears.

Social Sense's Mindful Me. Team are working hard to create, and reinvigorate more healthy young minds across the UK.

Additionally, Mindfulness is not just for students, but for their teachers too, who themselves are facing the increasingly difficult task of juggling often hectic work/life schedules.

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 “When I first met my Fusion coach I was attending school for just one hour one day per week.  Now I am in school full time.  I was nervous at first and a bit scared but now I am happy to go and look forward to it.  I practice my breathing every night before going to sleep and use it if I need to calm down.  I found the hand outs helpful especially understanding how the brain works.  I feel like a completely different person and am going to football training now which I wasn’t before.”

Bradley, Aged 14


Mindful Me helps young people improve their emotional health and wellbeing through a range of interactive and fun activities and courses.
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