Mindfulness is changing lives everywhere, for the better!

Mindful Me offers prevention and early intervention around emotional health and wellbeing at a whole-school level. Uniquely we introduce Mindfulness in combination with Therapeutic Life Coaching in a manner that equips and motivates young people with practical tools that can help them to better cope and flourish. If our primary aim is to educate and empower young people to take control of their emotional health and wellbeing, our secondary aim is to support schools in embedding a positive mental health culture within the school.

The universal Mindful Me programme is split into two sessions, the first being the ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ and the second being the ‘Fusion® Therapeutic Life Coaching’ (TLC) session. The Introduction to Mindfulness One Hour Group Session provides students with the opportunity to learn simple stress reduction and mood lifting techniques. The content is based on Mindfulness, which is simply becoming aware of your present experience (something that can be taught and practiced) combined with a little meditation. We also use the theory of American Neuropsychologist, Dr Rick Hanson, who has shown through neuro science that we can “Hardwire our brains for Happiness”

In the Fusion® TLC session, students learn how to prevent themselves being emotionally hijacked through effective use of the mindfulness based STOP System™ which leads to improved decision-making processes. Equipped with this knowledge, their confidence and feelings of self-worth increase. These techniques challenge old patterns of thinking and behaving, allowing pupils to make more positive choices. They learn how to recognise and respond to strong emotions rationally and positively, rather than reacting spontaneously and negatively, e.g. engaging in violent or criminal behaviour, negative social media conversation or self-harming.

Our Mindful Me group sessions are preventative for those young people who are accessing universal services and will help them to continue to thrive. For those identified as having additional needs, the content can help things feel better for them.

Where appropriate and agreed, we also offer one to one Fusion® Coaching sessions over a period of six weeks for young people with more targeted, currently unmet needs. This element of the programme works best as an early intervention tool.

All our sessions are underpinned by a commitment to offer support and training to schools in the form of CPD training days, embedding sessions or both. Our ultimate goal is one of self-practice and sustainability both within the school and as part of general daily lives amongst those taking part.

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“When I first met my Fusion coach I was attending school for just one hour one day per week.  Now I am in school full time.  I was nervous at first and a bit scared but now I am happy to go and look forward to it.  I practice my breathing every night before going to sleep and use it if I need to calm down.  I found the hand outs helpful especially understanding how the brain works.  I feel like a completely different person and am going to football training now which I wasn’t before.”

Bradley, Aged 14

Mindful Me helps young people improve their emotional health and wellbeing through a range of interactive and fun activities and courses.
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