Introduction to Mindfulness Group Sessions

Who is it for?

Maximum of 25 pupils from years 8/9.

What is it?

The one hour Mindful Me Group Session introduces pupils to mindfulness, which is simply paying attention to the present moment in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. Pupils learn simple stress reduction and mood lifting techniques through a variety of fun and interactive activities such as mindfully eating Maltesers!

How will they benefit?

Pupils learn useful tools and techniques to help them reduce stress and anxiety, and create happiness using the latest findings in neuroscience known as ‘hardwiring for happiness.’ Pupils also receive useful ‘take home’ reminders which allow them to put what they have learned into practice outside of the classroom.

Download more information on Mindful Me Introduction to Mindfulness Group Sessions below:

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“The session, I felt, increased awareness of mindfulness activities, [and] promoted a calm and positive mindset. In addition to this, pupils gained an insight into how they can manage their thoughts, not only in school but at home. The overall session had a warming and calming ethos, and that diffused amongst the pupils within the group through active and engaging activities and promoted a sense of awe and wonder among pupils.”

Vicky Conway, Assistant Principal at The Dearne ALC, Barnsley